For Chase Cards-Hope That You Are Not Limited By The 5/24 Rule

Chase has a rule pertaining to new credit card applications that we call the 5/24 rule.  The rule states that if you have gotten five new credit cards within the past 24-months, you will not be approved for a new Chase credit card application.

Note, in counting the five cards, it is important to note that all cards from ANY BANK count and not just cards that you have gotten from Chase.

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Are all Chase applications limited by the 5/24 rule?

It used to be no.  But now, according to many applicants and customers, it seems that the rule is now applied no matter what Chase cards you are applying for.

Authorized User on an account-does that count towards 5/24?

Also worth mentioning is that Chase will automatically count cards in which you have been added as an authorized user in your new card total and you will need to call to try to get around this.  For example when I got the Chase Sapphire Reserve last year, Chase originally told me that I could not get this new card because I was being barred by the 5/24 rule. I had the Chase representative go through my recent cards because I was curious as to when my 24 months would be up and I could successfully apply for another Chase card.  In going through the cards, we realized that Chase was automatically counting cards that I was merely added as an authorized user to Rob’s accounts. The Chase rep told me that these cards should NOT count towards the five cards. This makes sense in that I am not the responsible party on these other cards. (Rob is!).  So after a few minutes on hold, I got the application through.

I hope that this “authorized user exception” is still the case.  I haven’t applied for a Chase card since the Reserve came out because at this point I know I am barred by the rule.  I keep taking advantage of a ton of other offers and I am worried that I may never get around the 5/24 rule again.  🙂