Cards With Chips

UnknownMany of you must have heard about chip technology when it comes to credit cards.  What does this mean?  Any card that uses chip technology comes equipped with an encrypted  microchip-a small metal square on the front of your card.  This chip adds an additional level of security to your transactions at chip-enabled terminals and therefore reduces fraud.

The chip does this because it is encrypted making it more difficult for unauthorized users to counterfeit or copy your card.  In addition, cardholders are required to enter their Personal Identification Number (PIN) for all chip card transactions, thereby making transactions even more secure.

Mostly all of the cards from the major banks now offer chip technology.  Unfortunately, I still frequent many places that do not have chip enabled terminals.  Maybe soon.  On my recent trip to British Columbia, EVERY vendor had a chip-enabled terminal.  C’mon America, keep up with the times.  :-)