Take Some Time Out Of Your Stay And Go On A Resort Presentation


Sometimes when you are at a resort that also sells time shares, you may be offered to sit through a sales presentation in exchange for points.  Rob and I have taken advantage of this many times, especially at Starwood Resorts.  In fact, we suckers, have bought a few in the past.  We own a prime week timeshare at the Westin Riverfront Resort in Beaver Creek and another at the Sheraton Mountain Vista.  This is one of the main reasons that I always have so many Starwood points to use as,  if we do not use these weeks in a given year, we can convert them to Starwood points.  I am nervous to see how my timeshare will be affected by the Marriott-Starwood merger.  Gulp!

Anyway, if you  don’t mind taking a little bit of time out of your vacation and want to earn about 5,000 to 10,000 points, say yes to a presentation.  The presentations usually take about 60-90 minutes.  There are usually free snacks and you can likely bring the kids if they are too young to stay on their own.  They usually require that both spouses be present (Rob and I have tried many times to just have one of us go but we have been unsuccessful.)  Also, maybe you will even end up buying something like we did.  🙂