I Reset The Expiration Clock On My Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Miles


Many airlines have account mileage expiration dates due to lack of activity in an account.  Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Miles expire if there is no “qualifying activity” after 2 years

I have about 12,000 miles sitting in my Alaska Airlines Milage Plan account which I received back in March of 2017 when Virgin America was acquired by Alaska Airlines and my Virgin America Miles were converted to Mileage Plan miles.

I have not done anything with my Mileage Plan miles since this initial deposit, and now 2 years later, my miles were due to expire in March, 2019.

So, as I have often done in the past, I ordered just one travel magazine subscription through the Mileage Plan website for a mere 100 miles to prevent my Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles from expiring. I can’t help it, I am a dinosaur and still like reading magazines, especially when I travel.  Not to mention, it is an easy way to extend your mileage expiration date for a small price.