I Got To Choose Two Airlines For My Amex $200 Airline Credit This Year

As we know, every year Amex Platinum and Business Platinum card members receive up to $200 per calendar year in statement credits when incidental fees, such as baggage fees, flight-change fees, in-flight food and beverage purchases, and airport lounge day passes, are charged by the airline to the Platinum card accounts.

Further recall that existing card members will be able to change their airline choice one time each year in January. Card Members who do not change their airline selection will remain with their current airline.

However, this year I found myself in a unique situation and I learned something new about the Amex airline fee credit.  I had chosen United as the airline at the beginning of the year.  We flew United MLK weekend to Denver for our ski trip to Beaver Creek and brought our ski equipment.  We ended up having to pay $160 in baggage fees, paid with the Amex and received a credit back of the $160. Realizing that we had $40 left and with no other plans to fly United in 2019, I asked Amex, still within the month of January, if I could change my airline to American Airlines.  We are flying American on our upcoming trip to Aspen over February break.

Amex happily obliged.  So I guess it didn’t matter that I had used some of the 2019 credit in January on one airline.  They still let me change it to another.  This is good to know although I will likely never be in this situation again unless I fly MLK weekend on an airline that I need to pay for bags.