I Was Potentially Impacted By The Equifax Security Breach-Were You?


If you go to the Equifax site, you can see if you were one of the MILLIONS of people impacted by the Equifax security breach that happened yesterday.  However, once you learn your fate, the site provides you with an opportunity to enroll in Equifax’s TrustedID, their credit file monitoring and identity theft protection.  Know that if you press that “enroll” button, you may waive your rights to participate in a class-action lawsuit.  I would not hit that button.  You can click here to see if you were potentially impacted, but do not click any further.

Instead, take other measures to protect your identity.  For example, I will be contacting Lifelock, the company that I use for credit monitoring and identity theft protection and letting them know that I was potentially impacted.  I will also be changing my log in information on my accounts.

Here are some articles that indicate measures that you could and should take to protect yourself.


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