Ways To Use Disney Rewards Dollars To Book Free Travel









Now that you have accumulated all of these Disney Rewards Dollars, how do you then use them for free travel?

1.  Use Disney Rewards Dollars For Disney Hotel Stays

If we are strictly speaking about travel, you can use Disney Rewards dollars for hotel stays at Disney Resorts.

The steps you must compete to do this are as follows:

imagesFirst, you request a Disney Rewards Redemption Card as soon as you have at least 20 Disney Dream Reward Dollars.  A Disney Rewards Redemption Card is like a Disney gift card.  You can request your Redemption Card online from Chase or by phone by calling 1-800-300-8575.

Once you have the card, use the Disney Rewards Redemption Card to pay your Disney resort hotel bill.

2.  Use Disney Rewards Dollars For Airfare

If you are a Premier Cardmember, you have an additional option available to you for using your Disney Rewards Dollars for free travel.  Just purchase airline tickets with your Disney Premier Visa Card—on any airline to any destination—and then pay yourself back by redeeming your Disney Dream Reward Dollars for a credit on your monthly statement.  Each Disney Dream Reward Dollar can be redeemed for a $1 credit on your monthly statement.  Your credit will appear on your monthly statement from Chase within 1-2 billing cycles.

You can book your airline ticket however you like—with the airline, a travel agent or travel website. There are no block-out dates when redeeming.  Note, you must redeem your Disney Rewards dollars within 60 days of purchasing your airline tickets.

Also, if you do not have enough Disney Dream Reward Dollars to cover the full price of your airline ticket, you can redeem for a credit on your monthly statement in any increment starting at 50 Disney Dream Reward Dollars.  You pay any balance remaining.

3.  Use Disney Rewards Dollars For Non-Travel Purchases

You can use your Disney Rewards dollars for other Disney purchases such as

1. Merchandise at the Disney Store or DisneyStore.com
2. Annual or seasonal Theme Park passes
3. Disney Vacation Club® annual dues
4. Dining Disney restaurants

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