I Changed My Mind, We Are Going To Vancouver and Whistler Instead And Saving About 5K!

imagesPosted 5/23/2015

I finally pulled the trigger and booked an nine night stay in British Columbia for August after my kids get home from camp.  We are spending 3 nights in Vancouver and 5 nights in Whistler and another quick night in Vancouver the night before our flight home.  I was originally toying with the idea of Vancouver and Seattle, but I like this idea much better!  It was easy to cancel my original hotel reservations without penalty because I was well within the cancellation period. So what are we getting for free on this trip?  Can you say free flights and free hotels? (mostly free).  Ok here is how I did it……….

Free Flights To Vancouver And A Savings of $3,000!

A 3 Night Stay At THE FOUR SEASONS! In Vancouver For 2/3 Free And A savings of $1,200

5 Free Nights In Whistler And A Savings of $900

A Last Free Night In Vancouver And A Savings Of About $250

And now we are back.  Here is the account of our amazing trip to British Columbia.

Our Time In Vancouver

Our Time In Whistler-Summer

Greetings From The Rocky Mountain Lounge At Calgary Airport