We Were Waiting For The Targeted Offers From Amex And They Came-We Will Be Saving $150 On Aspen Lift Tickets!


Aspen back in 2013

Lucky me, my family happens to be going to Aspen in February, 2019 and there is currently a targeted Amex offer specifically for Aspen.  I had known the offer was out there and I was hoping that both Rob and I would be targeted under our separate Amex accounts, and we both were!

Rob was targeted under his American Express Blue Business Plus Credit Card and me, under my American Express Everyday Card.  The terms of the offer are to get a one-time $75 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $300+ in one or more transactions on lift tickets/ski rentals/ski lessons online at aspensnowmass.com by 3/8/2019. 

I have added these offers to the Cards, a condition that must be met before you use the cards to redeem.

When I go to buy our lift tickets online, I will be sure to break up the purchase to take advantage of the offer on each card.  I picked the right year to go to Aspen. This $150 savings on lift tickets is helpful, because as I am sure some of you skiers know, lift tickets are a fortune!  Fortunately, we got 2/3 of our flights and stay at the St. Regis (can you say $26,000 savings?) for free using rewards.

Let it keep snowing!!!