We Are Using Rob’s 50,000+ BarclayCard Arrival Miles For Our Train Fares From Amsterdam To Paris-Another $580 Saved


This past spring, Rob applied for the Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard which had a limited time 50,000 Arrival Mile bonus offer and no fee the first year.  Back when Rob got the card, I knew we would get a FREE $500 for travel, but didn’t know how we would use it.  Recall that when you have an Arrival card, you book the travel you want with the card and then choose any travel purchase within the last 120 days and redeem your miles for a travel statement credit toward all or a portion of your travel purchases.

Rob currently has 58,184 miles.  That equates to about $582 dollars.  I have already gotten our airfare (4/5 tickets) and our hotels in Amsterdam and Paris for free this upcoming December.  Sure, I will take our Rail Europe train tickets (between Amsterdam and Paris) for free as well!  Well almost….

120x395 Luggage Stack
The Rail Europe tickets for the 5 of us were $616.  Guess which card I used to pay?  Yup, that’s right, Rob’s Barclaycard Arrival card.  To pay for the whole fare, I would have needed 61,600 miles.  I am short 3,416 miles or $34 worth of miles.  To earn these additional miles, I would need to spend $1,708 on the card because you earn 2 Arrival miles per $1 spent.  I do not think I want to forgo using another card to earn the 3,416 on this card, so I will “eat” the additional $34 and still count this as free!

I am so excited for our trip!!

Apply for the Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard Here