Start Shopping At Saks Today You Lucky Amex Platinum Card Members


American Express and Saks Fifth Avenue have teamed up with a benefit, for American Express personal Platinum Card Members, called “Shop Saks with Platinum.”

Enrolled personal Platinum Card Members will be able to get up to $100 in statement credits annually for purchases made at Saks Fifth Avenue, using their Platinum Card.

Specifically, each year the card member will receive up to $50 in statement credits when they shop at Saks from January through June, and up to $50 in statement credits when they shop at Saks from July through December and pay with their Platinum Card.


Some things to know about the offer….

-You don’t have to leave your house to take advantage of the credit, you can shop at too.

-The benefit is only available to the basic card member. Simply put, even if you have 2 Platinum cards under one account (i.e.-there is an additional card holder), you only get the $50 and $50 statement credit 1x per year.

-The credit will not be applied against Saks Fifth Avenue Gift Cards or purchases at outlet locations (in outlet stores and the outlet online).

-You can’t use the credit for lunch at Saks. It excludes purchases at restaurants located within the store.

-You cannot use the credit as Online Bill Pay for Saks Credit.

According to Amex, the credit should appear 2-4 weeks after the charge to your account. (I bet it’s even sooner than that.)

This is a great new benefit that Amex is offering.  Platinum holders, PLEASE do not lose this credit!  I will remind you every January 1 and July 1 from now on. 🙂