Matmid Points Got Us Free Flights to Israel on El Al–We saved about 10K!!!

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El Al is an American Express Membership Rewards transfer partner.  Membership Rewards points can be transferred to EL AL’s frequent flyer program, Matmid.  At the time of this post, 1000 American Express Membership Rewards points equals 20 Matmid points. Over many many years, I have had Rob accumulate his Membership Rewards points in anticipation of having to purchase flights to Israel for this December.  Don’t forget, Rob’s business spends a lot of money on advertising and he uses his American Express Business Gold Rewards card to pay for this advertising which earns us 3X points on the $ spent.



When I was ready to book, I transferred the American Express Membership Rewards points to Rob’s Matmid Frequent Flyer account.  I actually did a lot of research on the exact time to call El Al to secure the flights on points. (about 360 days in advance). My planning and persistence paid off. My family of 5 is flying to Israel FOR FREE!!!! on El Al this December!!!! (actually on 1700 Matmid points per ticket or 425,000 Membership Rewards points, WOW a lot! but the cost would have been about $10,000, WOW a lot!)  However, no business class for us.  Even after all of our years of accumulating American Express Membership Rewards points, we only had enough points for coach tickets.  🙁

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