Free Credit Monitoring Companies That I Use

I use both Credit Karma and Wallet Hub, 2 free services that monitor my credit profile.  They update and email me my credit score each month and more importantly, they alert me any time there is a change on my TransUnion credit report.

For example, yesterday, I applied for and was approved for my first card of 2019 (post to follow), and not 1 minute after I filled out the online application, I received the following emails…









These free services actually alerted me quicker than LifeLock, the identity theft protection service that I pay for.  LifeLock called me about 20 minutes after the online application was complete. (I was a victim of the Chase banking fraud scam back in about 2010 and have had LifeLock ever since).

Yes, the companies do other things too but nothing that I particularly use.  They provide you with some tools that can help you with your budgeting, future goals, etc. They also recommend cards based on your score (and get a kickback if you get one through their site).  Um, I make my own recommendations. :-).

You can delve a bit more into the details by going to their websites. (links above).

One cool feature of the sites is that they list all of your outstanding accounts.  So you can see all of your credit cards, mortgages, car loans, etc. and the balances on each and whether the account is in good standing.

Do you know where that Macys card is that you got back in 2001?

How do you monitor your credit?  Let me know!