Ebates-I Was Late To This Party

When I left you, I was but the learner; now I am the master

Darth Vader


I don’t know why I didn’t act sooner on the advice of my savvy friend, Marlo K., who told me about Ebates a long time ago.  I actually joined last year but did nothing with the membership until recently.  It follows the same principles as when I recommend online shopping through loyalty shopping portals (which even requires too much work for me to do). If you are an online shopper, you could be doing better than just shopping directly through the vendor’s website.

Ebates has many of the same vendors as all of the shopping portals if not more.  You find what store you would like to shop at. Each store has a different offer as to how much cash back you will receive on your purchase. You can request to get paid via PayPal or check.  The way Ebates makes money is through the stores paying them a commission for sending members to their websites.  Ebates gives their members (us) a piece of that commission. You can see the balance owed to you in the right hand corner of your account. It looks like checks are mailed about every few months.  I haven’t gotten one yet, but I am excited to.  Hopefully, I won’t think its junk mail. 🙂