Do As I Say Not As I Do-Two Recent Rewards Mistakes I Made


I have to learn to slow down an read more carefully.  I recently failed to get some bonus rewards because of my haste and carelessness….

Citi ThankYou Rewards Points-I enrolled in an offer whereby I had to make $200 in purchases and I would receive 2,000 Citi ThankYou Rewards points.  I made them and waited and waited and waited for my 2,000 points.  When I finally called and was referring to the offer, I realized that the purchases need to be made from OCTOBER 1-OCTOBER 31.  I received the offer in late September and made one of the purchases (needed to get to the $2K) on September 30th.  GRRR….Citibank could not give me the 2,000 points but they did give me a 500 point goodwill gift for my efforts.  Thanks Citi!

Radisson Rewards-Back in SEPTEMBER, I signed up for an offer that I received from Radisson Rewards which would have allowed me to earn 10,000 Radisson Rewards bonus points if I made 10 or more purchases.  I neglected to read the part about that the purchases had to be a “minimum of $10 each”.  You can imagine what happened from there.  Radisson Rewards wouldn’t budge when I called and wouldn’t give me goodwill points for my efforts like Citi did in the same time period…..

Bottom line-Do as I say not as I do…I need to be more careful!