Darn! I Failed To GENERATE My Full Potential Of Chase Ultimate Rewards Points During The Power Failure



Due to back to back storms last week, I lost power for 7 days.  However, it wasn’t terrible because we have 2 gas powered generators that took turns supplying power to my home.  We only needed to make minor concessions with our usage.  Not such a big deal!

To me, what is sort of a bigger deal, is that I missed an opportunity to earn a big influx of Chase Ultimate Rewards points because of the power failure.  You see, for the 1st quarter of 2018, gas stations were a 5% bonus category with the Chase Freedom card up to $1500 in purchases.  Although I usually try to get close to spending the $1500 each quarter (and succeed!), this 1st quarter I was definitely coming up short.  There was so much potential to spend and earn these extra bonus points during this power failure………..

I can’t even count the number of times that Rob went to a gas station and filled up our FIVE gas containers over those 7 powerless days.  Unfortunately, I didn’t even think to have him use my Freedom card for these additional gas purchases.  I missed earning 5X Chase Ultimate Rewards points each time he filled up the canisters.  I will do better during the next power failure (bite your tongue!).

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