Another Year, Another Florida Swim Meet, And Another Free Flight-$880 Saved!

Jessie and I once again are heading to St. Petersburg, FL in 2018.  We used Chase Ultimate Rewards points for our flights but I used them out of 2 accounts.

I have been using lots of Chase Ultimate Rewards points lately like for Amsterdam coming up this December and for our stay in the Canyons for next February.  I was low on Chase points and only had enough to book my ticket out of my Ultimate Rewards account.

In steps Rob.  He has a Chase Ink Business Preferred card in which he also earns Ultimate Rewards. He doesn’t use the card that often and only had a balance of about 37,000 points in his account.  Well that was enough for Jessie’s ticket, it was 35,232 points to redeem for that ticket.  He had it covered.

Learn More About Chase Ultimate Rewards Here

A few things to point out.  Rob with his Ink card redeems at 1.25 cents per point.  So Jessie’s $440.40 flight was 35,232 points.  (35,232*.0125).  I, on the other hand, have the Chase Sapphire Reserve card and I can redeem my points at 1.5 cents per point.  So in my account I only needed to use 29,360 points for the same ticket (29360 *015).  Regardless, I got both tickets for free and saved $880.

Another thing-I was unable to book the ticket for Jessie, who is a minor, online.  I actually needed to call Chase and explain to them that I was also on the flight. The phone rep was able to redeem Rob’s points and book the ticket.  In fact, they didn’t even ask to speak to Rob who I had on standby just in case.

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Last thing-I needed to call United and have them link these reservations because they are essentially booked using two different online travel agencies.  This was an easy task to complete with the United phone rep.

Looking forward to another successful meet.  Eat my bubbles!