Um, You May Be Able To Transfer Delta Points Without Paying A Fee (Sort Of)

Recall that transferring Delta SkyMiles to another comes with a price of $0.01 per mile. So transferring 1,000 miles will cost you $10. You must transfer a minimum of 1,000 SkyMiles and can only transfer a maximum of 30,000 SkyMiles per transaction. Up to four recipients may be included in a single transaction.

Well when it comes to Amex Delta credit cards, I have accidentally found a method to transfer Delta SkyMiles without that per mile fee.  You see, Rob and I just got the American Express Gold Delta SkyMiles Business credit cards.  When I was filling out the application for Rob, I inadvertently put in my son Daniel’s Delta SkyMiles number.  Two months later, I went into the account to see if Rob got his 60,000 points bonus (he spent the requisite 2K and then 1K), and saw that there was no activity in his account, no activity from even the charges on his card.

With some further digging, I realized and confirmed that Daniel had gotten credit for the charges.  I actually fixed the problem with Amex (I gave them Rob’s Delta SkyMiles number) and the bonus will be deposited into Rob’s Delta SkyMiles account.  If I want to transfer to Rob the miles already credited to Daniel’s Delta account, I would need to deal with Delta for that.  I am going to take a pass.  Daniel can keep those miles, after all he has a Delta balance already and he will soon be in charge of his own loyalty program accounts.  Also, I don’t want to make another phone call.  🙂

Bottom line, if you want to be a little creative when filling out an application for a Amex Delta card and make a “mistake” when you put in the Delta SkyMiles number, you can basically have anyone accumulate Delta SkyMiles based linked to your card spending.  Shhh, I didn’t say that!