Back To London Again With A Savings Of $940-Hopefully For Wimbledon

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Next year, 2018, I turn 50 (yikes!).  I want to give myself Wimbledon tickets as my birthday gift.  I still am working on figuring out how to secure those tickets, but in the meantime I was easily able to secure FREE plane tickets to London!

The taxes were a bit too high for business class tickets next summer so booked tickets for Rob and I in economy class.  There are too many other things I want to do my 50th year, so I will “rough it” on this flight.  (I splurged once on British AIr flights and it was wonderful!)

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Economy class tickets required just a mere 33,000 Avios for round trip flights to London.  Rob and I are both usually flush with Avios points because most years we use our Chase British Airways Visa Signature Cards , to try to secure a British Airways Travel Together Ticket. (We have been successful at this in the past and have used these Travel Together Tickets for family trips to London with a savings of $12,000 and to Amsterdam/Paris with a savings of $2,700.).

So for 66,000 Avios, we got two tickets for London next summer.  For each ticket, we had to pay a tax of $468, as you cannot avoid paying the taxes on British Airways flights.  The price for the ticket had we booked with $ would have been $937.  So we saved 469 on each ticket for a total saving of about $940.

Now onto hotels and those elusive Wimbledon tickets.  Does anyone have any tips on how to get these? 🙂