3 Free Nights In Chicago On Hilton Honors Points And A Savings Of $840

I find it very difficult to use my Hilton Honors points because at most places that I dream about staying (like the Waldorf in the Canyons, Utah), the redemption amounts are exorbitant.  I used a bunch of Hilton Honors points this past fall at an Embassy Suites in Philly.  Although the location of that property wasn’t ideal, the hotel was sufficient for a city stay.  After all, when we go to a city, we are barely in the hotel room anyway, we are too busy doing “city touristy things”.  I only require a clean, roomy place to crash.

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I am trying another Embassy Suites for three nights in Chicago this summer.  The redemption amount for this stay was 60,000 points per night for 3 nights.  I actually had to book one night from Rob’s account and 2 nights from my account because neither account had enough points for the three night stay.  I then called the hotel and had them note that the 2 reservations were for the same family so we will not have to move.  (i Hope!).  This all went down before Hilton Honors allowed points pooling.

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Also, even in my Hilton Honors account I was short about 12,000 points.  I easily transferred 8,000 American Express Membership Rewards points into my Hilton Honors account which yielded me the additional 12,000 points I was short.  (Amex pts transfer to Hilton Honors at a 1 : 1.5 exchange rate).

The rooms would have been $279 per night for a total of $837.  I ended up using 180,000 Hilton Honors points.  Recent valuations peg these points at about .6 of a cent per point.  So in terms of the value of these points, I used $1,080 in value.  So I lost about $243 in “value”.  But as I have said in the past, there is value in what it is worth to you to get a free trip.  For me, I happily used these points.  I find them so hard to use anyway because I never have a big balance and I did not want to pay for our stay.  That is added value for me!