Ways To Use Wyndham Rewards Points To Book Free Travel








Now that you have accumulated all of these Wyndham Rewards points, how can you use these points for free travel? The options are listed below.

1. Redeem Points for Free Nights

You can redeem your Wyndham Rewards points for free nights at Wyndham Resorts and Dolce Hotels And Resorts.  The number of points you need, depends on the Hotel Tier.

Below is the Points Reward required for a 1 Night Stay

5,500 One Free Night at Tier 1* Hotel
8,000 One Free Night at Tier 2* Hotel
10,000 One Free Night at Tier 3* Hotel
14,000 One Free Night at Tier 4* Hotel
16,000 One Free Night at Tier 5* Hotel
20,000 One Free Night at Tier 6* Hotel
25,000 One Free Night at Tier 7* Hotel
30,000 One Free Night at Tier 8* Hotel
50,000 One Free Night at Tier 9* Hotel

2.  Redeem Points For Airline Miles or Amtrak Guest Rewards Points

Wyndham Rewards Members who are members of certain airline rewards programs may redeem their Wyndham Rewards points for miles or Amtrak Guest Rewards points in these programs.  Redemptions in general start at 6,000 Wyndham Rewards points.  The amount of airline miles you receive is based on the airline.  You can see the airlines that you can redeem your points with here. 

3. Use Points For Other Travel Rewards

You can redeem points for travel-related rewards. Starting at 6,000 points, you can get  car rental discounts and book airline tickets with your points.  Some partners include Delta, Southwest Airlines, Avis and Budget.  You can read more about this here.

4.  Additional Information About Using Wyndham Rewards Points

I offer additional information about using Wyndham Rewards points to book award nights.