Ways To Use Ritz Carlton Rewards Points To Book Free Travel

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Now that you have accumulated all of these Ritz Carlton Rewards points, how can you use these Ritz Carlton Rewards points for free travel?  Here are some of the ways…….

1. Redeem Points For Free Nights

You can convert your Ritz Carlton Rewards points into free nights at Ritz Carlton Resorts (and their partner Marriott Resorts).  The number of points needed for a complimentary night depends on the hotel tier, which is based on the location and hotel type.  When you use points for a free night, you get the 5th night free.  Note, when you use rewards nights, these nights count towards Ritz Carlton Elite Status.  Also, if your dates are flexible, Ritz Carlton Rewards offers PointSavers, where rooms usually require up to 33% less points to redeem.

Below is the Points Reward required for a 1 Night Stay


2. Use Points For Room Upgrades

Upgrade rewards are available for 5,000 points each. Two upgrades rewards are required at most of The Ritz-Carlton hotels and selected Marriott brand locations. Some rooms only require one upgrade reward per night. This requirement is based on the view or room type.  Availability may vary by hotel.

3. Use Points For Airline Miles

You can use your Ritz Carlton Rewards points for airline miles. The number of points required for airline miles depends on the airline. Click here to see redemption requirements.

4. Use Points For Other Travel Rewards

You can also use your Ritz Carlton Rewards Points to book

Travel Packages

Other Rewards

5. Learn More About Using Ritz Carlton Rewards Points


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