I Think I Need To Buy A $700 Grocery Gift Card

I have to admit, I made a spending mistake.  It wasn’t until a few weeks ago when my sister-in-law reminded me about the 3rd quarter GROCERY bonus category tied to the Chase Freedom card that I realized my mistake. Throughout the months of April and May, I had been naively using my American Express Everyday Preferred card at supermarkets.  I had been missing out on the 5X bonus Chase Ultimate Rewards points for my grocery purchases.  On one hand, I was disappointed in myself, but on the other, very proud of my sister-in-law, who I now view as an eager, point-savvy spender.  What is that expression about the master and the student?

But all was not lost.  I knew I had the month to spend the $1,500 (the capped amount on which you can earn 5x points).  However, June has been a crazy month, and unfortunately my take-out purchases have far exceeded my grocery purchases.  It is now June 22.  In two days, my kids leave for 7 weeks.  I have only spent about $800 at the supermarket so far since learning of my error.  That June 30th deadline looms ahead.

BUT I refuse to lose those bonus points.  Just like I did back in December when I bought a $750 Amazon gift card, I WILL buy a local grocery store gift card in whatever amount needed to ensure that I spend $1,500 on my Chase Freedom card before June 30.  I know that I will ultimately use all of the money on the gift card, so for me it doesn’t matter when I spend the money.  I just want to follow the rewards and make sure I get that very lucrative 5x bonus.  Produce anyone?

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