Switch Your Bills To Be Paid By A Credit Card


Figure out which of your bills that you are writing checks for every month can be switched to be paid via credit card.  By switching over some of your expenses, not only will it help you accumulate valuable credit card points,  it can also save you time as you can set the payment up to be charged monthly automatically.  No more sitting down at your desk to write those checks!

Some ideas……Can you pay your cable bill, phone bill, ez pass, etc with a credit card instead of a check?  Can you pay for religious school by credit card? Team registration fees? Lessons? Your gym membership? (my membership fee gets charged to my credit card each month). What about camp? Our camp lets us pay our camp tuition by credit card over a period of about 10 months.  What about doctor, dentist, orthodontist bills (BRACES!)?
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I guarantee that there are changes that you can make to switch some of your expenses over to be paid by credit card. You just need to take the time to go through your expenses, maybe make some calls and figure it out.

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