Stop Using Cash


I don’t care where I am or how little the charge is, I use a credit card to pay. Even if I am getting just a cup of coffee at Starbucks or a pack of gum at a market, I am breaking out a credit card. In fact, many times, using a credit card will move things along more quickly for the other paying customers in line.  With low amounts, many places just require a swipe and no signature. Counting out change takes time!


Some smaller establishments may require a minimum charge to use a credit card and as long as this minimum is $10 or less, it is in the merchant’s legal right to do so.   When I find myself in this situation, I buy extra stuff or reluctantly take the cash out of my wallet.  That is when I have the cash. Many times I walk around with no cash. This becomes quite the problem when my kids need a water before tennis out of the vending machine and I need to search for a parent I know to borrow $2. Can someone please make all vending machines take credit cards? 🙂

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