Find Good Credit Card Point Bonus Offers And Take Advantage Of Them

images-1Be on the lookout for good credit card point bonus offers and take advantage of them.  Many credit card companies offer big point bonuses when you meet certain minimum spend requirements in a given amount of time. In addition, within many of these offers, the annual fee is waived the first year.  A few years back, Rob and I got credit cards that yielded us 245,000 miles and points! AND more recently, we got cards that have yielded us 250,000 miles and points.

How does one go about finding out about these point bonus offers? One way is to hopefully learn about them on my site :-). I get a lot of offers emailed to me and I also find them on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Another way is to find them in your mail. Credit card companies are still attracting many of their customers with lucrative points bonus offers through the regular mail. Also, many of the offers are on tv, radio commercials, etc. No matter how you learn about the offers…take advantage of them if you can.
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If you apply for these cards, make sure you know the deadline as to when you need to spend the minimum by and do it! Even if this means foregoing another card that you may like to use. You want to do everything you can to get that bonus. After all, isn’t that one of the main reasons you applied for the card?

Different banks offer different mile/point bonuses and different mile/point programs. For example, certain Chase credit cards offer Ultimate Reward bonuses and the ability to earn Ultimate Rewards Points.  While Citibank typically offers the ability to earn Thank You Rewards or AAdvantage rewards. In my opinion, it is easier to get approved for credit cards from different banks than it is to get approved for more than one credit card from the same bank. So you may want the Chase Sapphire Preferred or ReserveChase Freedom, Chase Hyatt, Chase Marriott, etc, all with different bonuses and all with different features but you may need to wait to be approved if you have already applied for a Chase credit card.

Although at times I have found it is somewhat subjective, a bank such as Chase, may approve you for one card every 6 months. I personally at times have gotten around this QUITE OFTEN by calling them on the phone and moving some of my credit from one of my existing Chase credit cards to the new one that I am applying for. Chase is more apt to approve your application if they are not extending you additional credit but rather just transferring some of your existing credit to a new line.  The number at this time that I am aware of to call to reallocate your Chase credit is 877-763-3440.  You can read more about this trick here.  With Chase however, be aware of the 5/24 rule that states that if you have gotten five new credit cards within the past 24-months, you will not be approved for a new credit card application.

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