Earning and Accumulating Matmid Points

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Below, I outline the ways in which to earn and accumulate Matmid points.

1. Fly El Al

You accumulate Matmid points by taking El Al Israeli flights, and the more points you accumulate, the closer you are to membership in one of EL AL’s prestigious tiers – Silver, Gold, Platinum or Top Platinum.  These tiers offer many more special benefits.

2.  Fly JetBlue 

Travelers flying to/from 38 JetBlue USA cities as connections to their EL AL nonstop flight to/from Israel can earn Matmid points on these connecting flights.  This is due to a code share agreement between EL AL and JetBlue.  Click here to learn more about this agreement.

3. Transfer points from American Express Membership Rewards

Learn More About American Express Membership Rewards Here

If you are a member of American Express Membership Rewards  you can transfer your Membership Rewards points, in 1,000-point increments, to your Matmid Frequent Flyer account.  At the time of this post, 1000 American Express Membership Rewards points equal 20 Matmid points.  (Our flights to Israel were 1700 Matmid points per ticket).

3. Earn Matmid points by spending $ with El AL partners

EL AL has agreements with hotels in Israel and around the world, with car rental companies, communications companies and more.

For the complete list of partners, Click here.


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