Tips About Canceling Credit Cards


Canceling Credit Cards-Some Things You Should Know

How Does Canceling A Card Affect Your Credit Score?
Before You Cancel A Card, Make Sure You Will Not Forfeit Your Points
Before You Cancel A Card, Consider The Credit Limit
Downgrading Cards-A Good Alternative To Canceling
It May Be Wise To Cancel Or Downgrade A Card, If You Get Another Card With Similar Benefits
Sometimes With Chase, You Won’t Get A Prorated Annual Fee Back If You Cancel Your Card
I Am Proof That You Can Keep Canceling Cards And Not Ruin Your Credit
Can A Bank Cancel Your Credit Card Account Without Your Authorization?
Destroying Canceled Cards

Don’t Want To Cancel? How To Get Annual Fees Waived Or Not

I Downgraded Rob’s Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Card For A No Fee United MileagePlus Card
I Canceled My CitiBusiness/AAdvantage Platinum Select World MasterCard An Got A CitiBusiness ThankYou Card In Its Place
Citi Offers Me Easy Task In Exchange For A Credit Back Of My $95 Annual Fee
I Am Canceling My Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Visa card
I Am Canceling Both Mine And Rob’s American Express Gold Delta SkyMiles Cards
Uh Oh, Citibank May Have Stopped Waiving Annual Fees In Exchange For Card Use
Upon Annual Renewal, If Citi Will Negotiate Your Annual Fee, Make Sure You Pay It First And Then Get The Credit Back
I Am Canceling Rob’s Chase Hyatt Visa Card
I Knocked $75 Off My $95 Annual Fee On My CitiBusiness/AAdvantage Platinum Select World MasterCard
Citibank Will Waive My $95 Membership Fee If I Make 5 Purchases
Amex Offered Me $150 in statement credits to not cancel my American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card
I am canceling my Chase Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Card